Monday, January 28, 2013

5 Tips for Lazy Days

On Instagram last week people were getting tagged to share 5 things about themselves others may not know. This gave me the idea that I should share five little cheats you might not know of do that make your beauty routine easier for when you're in need of a shortcut! Who doesn't get lazy or just doesn't have time for a full blown beauty routine day after day?!

1. At night instead of removing my makeup, washing my face with my Clarisonic, moisturizing with the 3 different creams, ect. I just do 2 things. First, I use my makeup wipes to remove my makeup and then with a baby wipe I cleanse my face. The alcohol in the wipe acts as a toner. Next, I crash for the night because I obviously was too exhausted to even fully get ready for bed. Haha.

2. The next day after showering, use these little hair tips I posted about here. I go over thoroughly all the little shortcuts and tips for extending your blowouts. There are some super cute and easy up-dos in there too!

3. Easy makeup. I highly recommend getting your eyelashes/eyebrows dyed! If you have the extra time, eyelash extensions are incredible... especially for summer coming up when we are swimming and sweating so much! Also, use a tinted moisturizer or mineral powder for some natural looking coverage. Next, dust on a little bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and apply a soft berry colored lipgloss.

4. Have a go to outfit that you feel comfy in and that is always ready to wear (ironed and hanging) in the front of your closet. My go-to get up this winter has been my H&M sweater I wore here with these pants-that-feel-like-leggings that I wore here. I throw on some black motorcycle boots and I'm done! I literally wear this outfit once a week because it looks very put together but feels like pajamas.

5. I always have little snacks made that I store in the mini fridge in my nursery. My fave is a washed apple with a small bag of raw almonds or I throw in a string cheese with some whole wheat crackers. These are perfect to throw in your purse and are easy to eat on the go! I keep protein bars and water bottles in my car for when I'm running late to something and forget my snacks. This prevents the temptation to go through the drive thru.

I'm not always this lazy, I like to think of myself as more "busy" with a 1-year-old running around. Haha. I'll admit I'm always exhausted but I'd rather spend my time with my munchkin that in front of the mirror!


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