Sunday, November 4, 2012

Military Boots and Vampire Lips

It's finally fall in AZ!! Not really, it's still in the 90's during the day, but it's November so it's time to stop wearing the flip flops. I like this outfit on easy days when you just want to be comfy. I FINALLY chopped my hair again after a year of not cutting it. In my recent posts its been up since it was soo soo freaking long. Yuck. Too long hair reminds me of hippie grannies that just can't let go of their pot-smoking days of the 60's. Haha.  

Top: Nordstrom
Pants: New York and Company
Boots: Steve Madden
Lipstick: Revlon "Wine Not" in Matte

So, do you guys like black and brown together?

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