Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New You!

Happy New Year everyone!! Soo many crazy things happened in 2012. So glad the world didn't end though! Haha. 

We saw some awesome trends this year. Studs, spikes, leather, leopard, sneakers, loafers, collars, high-waists, braids, waves, eyelash extensions, gel nails, ombre, ect. So, I can't wait for what 2k13 will bring!

like like likeclassyClassic lookneed this suit!!!!!!
 green shadow + dark plum lipsThe whole thing even the hairnatural glowing makeup.

Last year my New Year's resolution was to "be sexier" (for my husband). I know this sounds super silly, but last January 1st, I had a newborn baby. Anyone of you who juggle a life with a newborn know how little time you have to yourselves. At the time I was wearing plain clothes, little makeup and pony tails. I had my body back already so it was time to become a girly girl again and to stop wearing my husband's clothes to bed!! Haha. 

I did pretty well for a really long time. I hid all my "ugly" lounge clothes and would only wear certain outfits to bed ;) Haha.

This year I had a hard time thinking of what exactly I wanted to improve on. I finally figured it out. 

1. I want to forget myself and think of others. As a wife and mom I do this a lot but I want to do this for the people who aren't living under the same roof. 

2. Be more outgoing and make more friends. We are moving to a new city soon so I'm very excited!

3. Be less judgmental and more forgiving. You'll never understand why someone is the way they are without walking in their shoes. Doesn't give them the right to be mean though! :)

What are some of your New Year's resolutions or goals you are working towards for the new year?!

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