Sunday, November 25, 2012

Polka Dots and Leather Pants

So everyone who has taken family photos knows that the mom usually picks the colors for the outfits and everyone needs coordinate, blah, blah, blah. We did family photos with my in-laws on Wednesday this last week with the colors being every neutral color with a pop of mustard yellow. No one in my mini fam looks good in the later color so we wore cream, black and tan. 

Then a few days later my family wants to do fam photos with the colors black, cream and red. We debated wearing the exact same outfits. Haha. When we get all the photos back from both sides of the family I will post them, because honestly, you will DIE. They are freakkkin adorable. These are just a few of the photos we snuck in while everyone else was setting up.

K seriously, how rad are these pants?! I picked them up last week because I had been dying to own a pair but am such a cheap skate when it comes to clothes that I had been searching for a less expensive pair. 
Also, I didn't have to edit these photos (mess with the colors since I don't know how to use my Photoshop yet) because I borrowed my MIL's camera. What a difference a decent camera makes! I had been using my husband's point-and-shoot because my nice Nikon camera SUCKS, bad. How can a nice camera be worse than a point and shoot I have no idea. Maybe I should have done less flirting and more studying in my photography class in high school. Ha. 

If anyone has some awesome recommendations for a camera that takes photos like these please let me know!! As Christmas is around the corner and I'm pretty sure Santa has me on the "Nice List". ;)

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