Thursday, November 29, 2012

How To QUICKLY Get Your Tummy Back After Baby!

This is me 40 weeks pregnant!

Hello Dolls! This was one of my biggest concerns before I got knocked up. Every young girl fears that mommy "pooch" and wonders if they will ever be able to wear their clothes again. DO NOT BE AFRAID!! I will give you some personal tips of mine on how to get that sexy flat stomach back again in 6-8 weeks! I'm bringing sexy back ;)

Ok. Before you conceive get your health in order. Lose that weight you were always meaning to because you're only going to get heavier from here. Remember the term "muscle memory"?? Work those abs out my friends! If you begin in shape, it will be easier to get back there since your body has been there before. Duh.

-Postpartum. If you have a natural, uncomplicated birth as I did, you can begin light exercise 2 weeks after delivery. Light exercise meaning just getting outta bed. Haha, I mean pushing your new babes in the stroller for a short walk. Your hips need a little time to slowly move back together so walking is key, but sometimes feels very funny. :) 

-I began doing basic muscle flexing maybe a few weeks after delivery. There are specific moves new moms need to accomplish before moving on to a tough personal trainer. I will show you these in the pics below. 

-Prepare easy, healthy meals. I actually have a mini fridge in my son's nursery so I could always have something to snack on. I prepared turkey and cheese sandwiches and bought pre-made salads for meals. I kept washed, fresh fruit in a rubber container along with string cheese and yogurt in my fridge for snacks. I even kept cereal and milk in the room for breakfast. Keep granola or protein bars on your night stand or close to where ever you do the most nursing. 

-Water. Omg I can't stress this enough. You mamas know how freaking thirsty you get breastfeeding. There's a reason. Your body uses everything you've got to produce milk, and your body needs to be replenished!! Women worry about eating enough to maintain a good milk supply but the true secret is drinking enough. Got it?! 

Booby feed. Booby feed. Booby feed. Most mamas have 6 weeks maternity leave to heal/adjust/enjoy their new lives. Think how many times you nurse that little infant if you nurse on demand 24 hours a day? That's approximately 8-12 times a day. I don't care what kind of baby training you believe in but your newborn needs to eat when they want to. Get those babies FAT so they can overcome sicknesses easier. So that's at least six weeks of strictly "Mama's Diner". De-lish.

So. These are the things I did after I had my sweet baby Gram and I'm so grateful I lost my baby weight sooner rather than later. If you are going to have to lose the weight eventually why not lose it asap so you can enjoy your skinny jeans and pencil skirts for even longer. Besides, you never know when you are going to get that baby itch again and have an other baby. Better get fit before that happens! :) 

If you guys have any personal questions (about my UNmedicated PAIN free birth, why I still breastfeed after a year, my health/fitness routine, ect.) for me, feel free to email me at :)

The Moves-
(Don't mind my towel, I couldn't find my yoga mat!)

Lay on your back like this and breathe slowly. After you exhale, pull your belly button in toward your spine. Stay relaxed and be careful to only pull your muscles in and not curve your spine. Hold tightly for 15 seconds. Repeat as many times as you can. Keep doing this several times a day and each time pull it in tighter and hold for longer. You will definitely feel the difference just from this basic flexing.

After you accomplish this and you feel like you can move to the next step after a few days, move on to this next move. Slowly bring each leg up like in this pic and then lower it again to the starting position. Focus on tightening your tummy. Repeat 12 times on each leg.

After that you can raise both legs at once, but this took me quite a while to accomplish. So I stuck with the first move for some time.

After a few weeks of that, try this. Keep one leg bent at all times and rotate legs making one straight and lowering it toward the ground. Remember to be constantly flexing and pulling in those ab muscles!

Last, once you are very confident that your abs are pretty strong, straighten both legs. Raise them from a few inches above the ground to totally vertical from the ground. Rest in between to make sure you are focused on pulling those abs in instead of just busting out reps. It's all about form!

Once you are stronger in the midsection from doing these, totally move on to your usual hardcore workouts!

Ok, ok, I know this looks a little cheesy but I promise the moms with new born babes will know how weak their tummies are and will have to ease into working out. Plain sit-ups will not get you the results you want, that's why you gotta do these exercises :)

Thanks guys! Hope this helps you expecting mamas, mamas with newborns or mamas who haven't started working out yet!


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