Thursday, December 6, 2012

Victoria's Secret... Shhh!!

Hey Dolls! I hope you enjoyed the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Tuesday night!! It was so magical, as always! I am such a fan and look forward every year to their ridiculously glamorous show! I get all ready, big messy curls, and my latest VS attire. Riri, Justin and Bruno did an amazing job as well. It's so fun to see a runway show interacting with music artists! Genius idea on their part. I loved "ooo-ing" and "aww-ing" at all of the outfits, then after the show I frantically get online and find my must haves!! Below I've listed VS items I have tried in the past and included my wishlist for Christmas!! It's not Christmas with out a little VS under the tree, I always say ;)

Tried and True:

The Very Sexy Push Up. I think every girl should own this bra. It's not too much padding and gives those girls just the right amount of ummph they need.

There's a reason this perfume is number one every year. It smells delicious on every women and adds that extra feminine scent we all are looking for. Great for every day since it's not incredibly expensive.

Comfiest thongs ever. Sounds like an oxymoron? Haha it's true. The lace on these doesn't hug into your hips like most thongs, (creating muffin top on even the skinniest of girlies). Enough said.

Light weight hoodie. Cute for on the go or a easy extra layer to have under your winter jacket.

The Boyfriend Pant. Obviously the relaxed fit is so ideal! I even throw these over leggings at night in the winter to keep extra warm when I sleep.
Victoria's Secret PINK Boyfriend Pant

The Lacy Cheeky. Your husband/boyfriend/fiance will thank me. Shows enough and hides enough, simultaneously.

Wish List:

The Bombshell Push Up. Duh, which girl doesn't want to add two cup sizes?! Thank you VS, for making my busty dreams come true...

Holy cow this is a lot of makeup.

Every year I get knew sweats from Victoria's. I'm dying for this new cut to wear with my new Converse kicks. (Also on my Christmas wishlist!) 

I just love illuminators. I feel younger, fresher and glow-ier already.

Victoria's Secret always makes me feel more feminine, girly, powerful and beautiful. I love being a woman and getting dolled up everyday.

Well my fellow lady friends, go check out their website STAT and make your Christmas Wishlist!! Happy Holidays!


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