Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guthrie Photoshoot Part Two

Sorry I haven't posted in suuuch a long time! I'm sure you guys are just as busy as I have been getting everything ready for the holidays!! Woot woot! I have everything bought except one little thing and then all I have to do is wrap it all. I even stuffed my husband's and baby's stockings today (I know, I know, I'm a bit too excited for Christmas). 

These family photos were taken a few days after my last Guthrie photos I posted HERE. We may or may not be wearing some of the same clothing items. Ha. The thing I love about this photoshoot is that the location is incredible. It's a secret spot so I won't tell ya where it is but the plants made our pics look very winter-y and Christmas-y. Just perf for our Christmas cards we sent out! I also love the color combo that was chosen and how absolutely adorable my sisters' outfits all were. Us Thruston girls are such divas so it's no surprise they had to be over the top. I mean, really??.... My 12 year-old sister had to wear red lipstick? And my two littlest sissies had to wear matching prom-like dresses? You bet. We are who we are!! I love these wild sisters of mine and don't forget my studly bros. ;)

Ahh, don't you love the cream and black color scheme with just the right amount of that pop of bright red?!

To see the photoshoot we did with my husband's whole side of the family, click here.