Sunday, October 14, 2012


This is a random topic but a good reminder nonetheless :)

So, I usually ONLY drink bottled water. I keep the cases of water right next to my main room so I have easy access to hydrate! We ran out yesterday and I have yet gone to the store to stock up. I grabbed a giant cup this morning and have been refilling it all day. I realized how thirsty I always am (especially as a full-time breastfeeding mom), so I thought I would share these little stories.

My entire childhood I suffered from severe headaches and even migraines. I remembering this one time I had such a bad migraine that on the drive home from school one day, I had to jump out of the car and puke! Ok, ok puking is normal after a bad migraine. However, the owner of the house whose front yard I was throwing up in, just happened to be outside, horrified as to what he was seeing. I would go to the doctor constantly to try to figure out why I had daily headaches and ocular migraines. 

After I graduated high school, my headaches intensified. A few times I would be in so much pain (as if I had just been hit in the head with a baseball bat) that I would lay in my bed almost in tears thinking I was going to die. One Sunday morning I was getting ready for church and within seconds this overwhelming pain overtook my noggin. I could hardly see so I stuttered my way into my bedroom to lay down. I called my mom from my cell and told her to come quick! She ran to me and I told her I loved her and that I would see her in Heaven. Just kidding. I did tell her I was in extreme pain and that she should call an ambulance.

The paramedics came rushing into my room (k wow, those guys are gorgeous! anyways...) they asked me the typical questions and asked if I could move myself to the stretcher thing. I. couldn't. even. move. They took me to the best hospital for this sort of thing and I ended up in the emergency room. After spending the rest of the day there doing tests, getting I.V.'s, and a $5,000+ medical bill, they found out I was just severely dehydrated. My entire life I have never really drank water. I hated water so I would drink milk or Gatorade here and there but hardly ever just straight water. 

It took a few more times of me fainting, blacking out or even having seizures to realize maybe I need to get seriously about this water thang. So many times I fainted at work, fainted at my house, or blacked out parked in my car. I could have had so much more energy playing sports or even just in my daily life. 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding has really forced me to drink up! I started drinking around 100 ounces a day when my baby was born because I was just so gosh dang thirsty! Water is so good for our bodies, for our health, and for us pregnant or breastfeeding mamas to replenish our bodies for our little ones. So please remember to always drink up for your skin, your hair and your overall health! :)


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